The Flavor of Life

The palette is a strange thing indeed…what once tastes fresh, over time can easily become bland. Regardless of the delicacy, the taste of what was once new can surely spiral into decay. So too does our palette for Life…repetition tends to let the air around us grow stale.

Have you ever noticed that after a mild illness or a touch of the flu, your senses, in some strange way, reset themselves? I know for myself after a few days of a bad cold, where I have no desire to eat, once the fever subsides the first spoonfuls of soup that touch my lips feel like a gift from Heaven. Perhaps it is the relief of knowing that I am getting better…but lo and behold all of my senses start to take in information as fresh and as sparkling as the day I was born. One has to wonder, without this realignment taking place periodically, Life can profoundly be taken for granted, for if the beauty lies in the beholder, the flavor rests on the palette.

So how about if we begin to look at ourselves as one walking computer that needs to be depleted of viruses, spam, and pop-up ads, on a regular basis. Our hard drives and memories need to be updated and our monitors wiped down once in a while. Hey if we can do that for our computers, why can’t we do it for ourselves? For if we are well taken care of, when things tend to lose their rhythm all we have to do is hit the reboot button. Automatically, all of the systems would restart and synchronize. Like I said, if it’s good for the computer, it is just as good for us. Eventually, like the PC, we will wear out. But with a little tender, loving care we may be surprised at how many more hours we can squeeze out of our lives.

Carpe Diem,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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