Stairway to Heaven

Over the years many have written to me asking how I arrived at my belief system. I am a Christian, but I have on many occasions visited different Houses of Worship. There is something to be learned from all Faiths. Not surprisingly, there are common bonds running through many of them. The discovery of these bonds has only re-enforced my own belief system. So what do I believe? How does it work for me? Well, here goes:

What I have learned is that the Trinity exists. Unfortunately, many preachers, over time, have bent and twisted the Word of God, for their own control and satisfaction. Yet, there are also those who totally understand what it is that Jesus was trying to say. I believe that Faith is a very personal thing. Many of us have our own personal relationship with God. I have always believed that simplicity, most of the time, works best. So simply, the Trinity represents to me God (The Creator, Higher Force), Man (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit (Breath and Power of God). It’s as simple as that. What I have learned is that man or woman must embrace the Holy Spirit to form a union with God. The components of life do start to fall into place when these principles are practiced. When Jesus was asked,”Lord, where are you going?”, He answered,”You know the way to the place where I am going.”(John14:4) The Way that Jesus meant was to see His life as a blueprint on how to live. The role of Jesus is a coat we all can wear. Prophets before and after have re-enforced many of the teachings and convictions of Jesus.

As I have said, I am a Christian who prays daily, but I cannot begin to tell you what I have also learned from friends who believe in other Faiths. One of the most profound spiritual experiences I have ever felt was a visit to a Buddhist Monastery in upstate New York. Just walking into the temple, one could easily feel that they were in not only a House of Worship, but a very spiritual surrounding. Perhaps it is because the monks and nuns who pray there many times a day ask for forgiveness for their sins across the spectrum of their lives…in this life, and any past lives they may have had. I have also learned that I have much in common with my Jewish friends. God is all around us, and we all have much to learn. When I visited the Middle East I had much respect for the many calls to prayer of the Muslims… they kneel to God many times daily. Prayer is a wonderful observance to participate in, and observe. We are ALL God’s people… struggling to learn it is not THEM and US… it is WE.

True intelligence is the dance between Man and the Divine. Prayer is our dialogue with God. Faith is when the Ego of Man accepts a Higher Purpose… Peace of Mind is the Gift of Acceptance. One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in life is that death is NOT a punishment. It is a stage of life. Each one of us are called Home at different times. Human existence is one huge school to discover and understand the Stairway to Heaven.

May you discover yours,
love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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