The New Cutting Edge

There was a time when controversy was generated by artists such as Madonna and Gangsta Rappers….until one day the envelope in that direction had been pushed just about as far as it could go. Well folks, welcome to the new cutting edge, where religious and certain spiritual products are now considered “controversial.” Last year, for months, all you would hear about was the reaction to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” It has now become so cutting edge and controversial that in many places if one was to walk in and say the word, “God,” the sheer silence could become deafening. Political Correctness has now led us to the platform where in some locales saying the word, “Jesus,” can get you in a whole heap of trouble, while in other places the people will embrace you. In 2005, the symbol of cutting edge has become “God.”

As you may have noticed, much of my work involves spiritual overtones…I can honestly tell you for every ten letters I receive praising my work, there is always one that blasts me for having not only any moral compass, but any spiritual viewpoint as well. Christian Persecution and Racism is not only alive and well, but it has become a full occupation for some. I never thought I would ever become in some corners a “controversial” artist…but these days a Christian viewpoint can easily be considered on the fringe. I consider it a badge of honor…I am just one of many who have stepped forward and said “Enough.” For some, it is fine for you to express your opinion as long as you agree with them, but if you veer in any way from their position, you may find very quickly your thoughts will not be tolerated. Welcome to the new cutting edge.

This cutting edge has spilled over into all walks of life….school, work, play, and last but not least, the home. And, there may be hope out there….recently I have heard interviews by some in the general population that they are finding with all the materialism out there they are being left with a sense of emptiness. To quote one woman, “I don’t get it…I have ten times more than my parents, and I’m not half as happy.” Another man said, “I sometimes feel like a ship that’s lost at sea…not knowing where to go, while all around me are pirates.” Unfortunately, these pirates are out to take more than your money…your Soul.

So here I am, Jennifer Avalon, Christian, spiritual, and may I say, self-help artist, who believes that with a little help from above, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. Truly controversial!! or, “cutting edge!!” If all we do is feed ourselves physically, we can easily die of starvation…but what wonders can we accomplish when the soul is fully nourished?

Living on the edge:)
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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