Consumers of Time

It’s quite interesting to observe a room or a home that has not been occupied for a period of time. When one opens the door one is surrounded by cobwebs and dust, for this marks a location where human activity has become sparse. If we were to stand in one place for an extended period of time without any movement, we would be sending out a signal to the air around us, through our lack of movement, that life has ceased. Movement is the ultimate vehicle of motion. As long as we move, we are Consumers of Time.

As Life moves forward through time, we become some kind of pac-man….gobbling up the air and space in front of us, and casually, as we take a look behind, we can see clouds of dust and debris. To live is to constantly push forward….as I have said before, today is tomorrow’s yesterday. As long as we breathe, we can make a difference…we have the choice of how much air to breathe, how much time to consume. Our choices truly matter. As each breath is a miracle, each moment is sacred. There is a responsibility for the time we digest. While we may not know the exact second of the end of our lives, we do know that the time that we have here is not infinite. With each moment that we live, we move one minute closer to our own succession of time. In knowing this, what we consume from our tomorrows must have meaning, for those who have come before, and for those who will follow. Once we stop moving, we too become dust. At that point within the mourning can be a heart of celebration, for a life that had meaning and made a difference. In this troubled world, the currency of Time has become that much more valuable. Even as the dust of the past lays behind us, on the horizon is a sunrise in the morning, waiting for our touch.

So on we go, Consumers of Time….spinning through the Universe, creating our own unique, individual atmosphere, which collectively makes up our planet. Still, we have to understand that as Consumers of Time we too are polluters, but in our case, we decide which one…are we polluters of Love, or Hate? Our consumption too has a lasting effect. Each moment is ours to mold, to shape, to bend. A priceless commodity that is rare, precious, and beautiful.

To everything there is a Time,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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