Weathering Heights

This time of year in the Northeast of the United States much of the talk turns to the weather. August is traditionally known as the unofficial “steam bath” season. It’s quite interesting how each person has their own favorite season and time of year. So how about you? Are you a warm weather person, or cold weather person, or someone in-between? It does have an effect on our lives.

Personally, I used to always consider myself a warm weather person. Seeing that I grew up in Southern California, it’s quite understandable. Warm weather, the sun, the beach….all year round. After awhile it was quite easy to feel that a Mediterranean climate was the norm, until I moved to the Northeast of the United States, many moons ago. Can you say, culture-shock?? Well these days I have done an about face…..cold, cool weather is not looking so bad anymore. How do I know this? After the winter we have had here all it took was one month of 90 plus degree temperatures to start dreaming about snowflakes again. I kid you not….as I write this, hot August is living up to it’s name. Winter evenings by the fire are beginning to look mighty good! Still, I am not foolish…I know there are many out there who just love the warm rays of the sun on a summer day, and they, God Bless them, wouldn’t want it any other way. Four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…which one is your favorite? For me, I love the Fall….the cool crisp evenings, and walks under trees ablaze in orange and red and yellow. So you see, we all scale the Weathering Heights.

Is it any surprise how much the weather has its effect on people? Productivity, emotions, communications, and health. The weather, in it’s own quirky way, in one swoop can either heal or destroy. When there is a drought, mankind prays for rain. When there is a flood, he hopes that the waters cease. As we all live under the skies, we are amazed at it’s beauty, glory and power. With a greater understanding of how much the weather effects us on a daily basis, we can have a better grasp in adapting to it’s influences.

May the sun shine brightly over your head, may the warm breezes of Heaven flow through your heart, and may the cool winds of contentment soothe your Soul.

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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