To me, life is one great field. From the day we are born, we make our way across the field, from one end to the other. All around us are beautiful trees, glorious flowers, and heavenly skies, yet, unfortunately, across the field, some large, some small, are landmines.

As we journey across our field, the first step is to acknowledge the existence of the landmines, and prepare as best we can to avoid them….for to journey across the field of life without taking into account the effects of the landmines can be disastrous. Think to yourself….wouldn’t it be wonderful at the beginning of the field if we could put on a pair of special glasses that would spot out all of the landmines so that we could walk through the field safely? Impossible, you may say? Perhaps….or perhaps not….but the realization of the existence of landmines would help us step carefully.

There are all different kinds of landmines in life…health, financial, violence, and pure old hate. All different shapes and sizes, just waiting for us to place our foot in the wrong location. Sometimes it almost makes one feel that life is a war that each of us fight, and strive to win. Experience and knowledge can help us see these landmines in front of us, but we must never forget, when called upon, there is a spiritual birds-eye-view that can be tapped into to help us through rough terrain. So imagine for a minute yourself journeying across the field of life wearing body armor, full sensor technology, and aerial reconnaissance above, that gives a full picture of what we need to cross the field. In accepting the existence of landmines, and accumulating the knowledge and faith to sidestep them, we not only become better people, but better souls too.

One more point….feel free to exchange stories with others who are crossing the field also. Shared knowledge can always increase the level of survival. Life being a shared experience, over time the correct path through the field can become more pronounced if more succeed. There will always be those who will say to heck with it….I will do what I want, I don’t need anyone. Unfortunately, many times they are the first to become the casualties of the landmines. The field can be crossed….while we may accumulate our scars and bruises along the way, when looking back we will be able to see what we have overcome.

Those who cross the field successfully before us have left a trail. If we are willing to walk the straight and narrow, and abide by the rules to stay on the path, we can make it through intact. The wheel doesn’t have to be re-invented….it just needs to be rolled.

Step wisely,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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