The Ultimate Computer

We all have different brands and types of computers that we use daily…be it a Dell, Hewlett Packard, Apple, etc. We have come to rely greatly on this tool for interaction, expression, and work, yet, the ultimate computer is still the mind.

The computer works within and outside the home. We use cable, DSL, and telephone lines to bounce around the world in seconds. What once was inconceivable a generation ago can now be accomplished at the tap of a finger. The human mind is no different….it pulls and transmits information twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Using sensors, memory, and experiences, the human mind is by far the greatest laboratory we will ever witness on an individual and collective level. All that we have seen and heard and all that we are is stored in the mind. How we love, hate, fear, embrace, our happiness, sadness, joy, and depression…all interact within the mind.

Let’s imagine for a moment ourselves sitting in front of a vast keyboard, which we use every moment…and placed right above is a sign that flashes “Welcome to the World As You See It.” We tap away on our keyboard, sending out commands on what we want to accomplish and avoid. Like the world of the Internet, there are safety zones, and places of imminent danger. The person behind the controls determines the roads that are traveled, and the pitfalls to avoid. Just like the computer, we too have to install our share of firewalls, spy-ware, anti-virus software, and ad-ware. Our minds, like computers, can just as easily be invaded by an outside, unscrupulous source. Hey, virus worms can do damage everywhere, even in our minds. The ultimate computer (the mind) learns from experience how to update and maintain its anti-virus software, or, fall prey to invasion. The human race, as we all well know, is an interactive network, where good and evil is on full display. Yes I know, deception too can easily confuse an individual, but our experiences and beliefs are what we use to decipher the difference.

So can we ask ourselves, how can the ultimate computer be best served and run at full potential? Only when the Divine is at the controls. For if the ego unchallenged and unsupervised has its way, the greater good cannot be accomplished. The Divine has all our best interests at heart. With life being so temporary, the Divine reminds us that there was life before, now, and after. What we contribute is what we will be remembered for. Each day behind the controls, our hands follow the maps and decide the paths of our consciousness. The closer we are to the Divine, the smoother, clearer, the more open our computer runs. The programs that we choose to govern us can only come from the ego, or the Divine. The Divine sees the greater picture….and the common good of our existence. All that we can be, and must. So is our computer in partnership with the Divine? or the unchallenged ego? That we must decide. The greatest achievements in this world came from a thought. What thoughts we choose to pass along are just a fingertip away.

Peace be with you,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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