Stages of Development

This time of year many of us will be attending Christmas, Holiday, and New Year parties. On more than one occasion we may be running into people we only meet once or twice a year. Almost always the first question that’s asked is, “What have you been doing?” or, “How are things going?” When we look around the room there could be quite a few people in various stages of development…so too are we.

Some grow throughout their lives in a smooth, even keel, while others evolve in spurts. A year could go by and when we look back nothing great in particular happened….then before too long something extraordinary leaps forward and takes us to the next level. Growth has an uncanny way of coming along when we least expect it. Inside our minds could be a roomful of treasure, just waiting to be unlocked. That key could come in the form of an experience, or just somebody uttering the word “Hello.” Each one us are unique….with our own perceptions and opinions on any given subject. Development comes many times to those who are open and patient. If life is truly a miracle, then each one of us, within our hands, can hold the gifts of Heaven. The miracle that we are has to be spread far and wide, for the good of mankind. That is our true responsibility. For when we pass on, the money and houses may wither, but the miracles will shine on.

As the world spins through space, we spin with it. Each morning brings forth an evening, over and over again. As our planet evolves, so too do we, never forgetting, without miracles, neither the planet nor us could exist. So if you would like to give someone a far-out answer to the question, “How are you doing?” you could answer, “I’m continuing my journey through time and space, that one day will take me home.” You just may see a jaw drop, but that’s really what is happening. We’re all in various stages of development…..

Shine on,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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