Saints and Sinners

Although I am a Christian, I always try to look inside, look around, to the future, and to the past, to understand why I am here, and what it is I am to learn. That involves being honest with myself, and passing along that which I have found baffling. I truly believe that each generation of mankind has to evolve and become better, in order for the world to move forward and survive. Over two thousand years ago Jesus Christ walked the earth, and left behind an incredible collection of thoughts, beliefs, and miracles. The Prophets of the Old Testament also left their wisdom for us to become better spiritual beings. Other religions, too, have contributed their share to the human library. Yet, isn’t it strange…with all this knowledge that has been recited, over and over again, we as a planet are still but a blink away from extinction. Have the Words of the Heavens fallen on generations of deaf ears? or are we the society that is supposed to wake up?

Through wars, natural catastrophes, scandals, and holocausts, man was supposed to learn from his mistakes and never repeat them. Yet today if one was to look around at the state of our planet, one would be hard-pressed to understand why the Holy Books that are close to our fingers, have been pushed so far away. The purpose of mankind was supposed to be to climb the spiritual staircase to bring us closer to God. Over time, the gap between Heaven and earth was supposed to close…yet today, it seems wider. We seem, as a society, to be obsessed with the physical….the latest gadget, or car, the so-called “flavor of the month,”….while our spirits seem to have been placed on the back-burner, hoping one day to find the time to get to them. Two thousand years on from Christ, we have placed a man on the moon, developed “wonder drugs,” scaled the walls of invention, and oh yes,….we have created enough nuclear warheads to destroy our planet many times over. A real Christ-like solution to our problems.

Every day I read about another wonderful person who contributes large sums of money to a worthy cause, or a good soul who does a good deed to change the life of someone in need. Through the ages, there are books filled with these types of individuals. Wonderful examples of humanity. Yet over the centuries, what has overall stopped us from climbing that spiritual staircase? There are always those that do….those that figure it out. Still, there are so many who starve the soul, for an ounce of gold. Saints and Sinners…all occupying the same space. I heard tonight on the evening news that 97% of Americans say they believe in God….interesting….
So folks, I think the mantel has been passed to us, every citizen of the world….it is all of our turn to try to turn the corner towards enlightenment. It can be done….but in the nuclear age, it MUST be done. If man was truly made in the image of God, it is time for man to hold up the mirror.
keep climbing the staircase,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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