Robots and Clones

Well folks, it’s starting to look like the era of full-blown robots and clones is just around the corner! Sometime in the near future we are all going to have to grapple with their effects on our lives. How soon? Perhaps within the next five to ten years.

Within the past two weeks I have read that two horses were successfully cloned from a champion thoroughbred racehorse. At the press conference the participants mentioned that they expect to do thirty more over the next year. Why is this important? Horses are mammals, last time I checked…and so are we. Are we fully prepared for the impact of clones in mass numbers on our daily lives?

So what about the robots? We’ve all seen the demonstration of Japanese robots…I know, they look a little strange and mechanical, but trust me, things are moving fast. I always believed that the robotic brain or program would enter our lives first, to be followed by the hardware or body. Sprouting up all over the Internet are sites where you can communicate with or create your own ChatBot. Some of the software is free, where you get a choice to implement the subject matter and interests that you want the Bot to have. I have checked out some of the sites…it is truly fascinating. You ask the Bot a question, and it answers, and as each question is accumulated, the Bot begins to develop a greater understanding of who you are, what you like, and what information you need. Eerie, but interesting. A computer in every home? How about a robot in every living room? These robots will quite easily be able to be personalized to each person’s or family’s satisfaction. You want a robot interested in sports? Presto! You got it. How about a political robot?…Tell me this, how long will it be before “Meet The Press” is hosted by “Tim Chatbot!!” I’ve read articles where people are concerned that Artificial Intelligence can increase at thousands of times the speed of the human brain.

So what’s it going to be? Do you want a clone? Or a robot for your birthday?….think hard. One or the other is coming to a store or manufacturing facility near you. So check it out….stay informed. If you have a few minutes, read up on the latest clone research, and enter Chatbot in your search engine to see what’s coming. People are going to be talking about the ethics of these issues as they evolve, for years.

Be informed,
love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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