War happens when mankind fails to reach a realistic compromise…..War is the condition where man is reduced to his basic, animalistic tendency. As much as we feel we have intellectually evolved over time, killing is still a part of our physical and mental fiber. Once again, the Dogs of War are howling loud and strong.

Is mankind’s mission to bring about a planet of peace and tranquility? if that is the case, then the weapons of destruction must be extinguished. Is the human civilization forever doomed to choosing either one side, or another? Good against Evil, Peace Versus War, Hate against Love. How many more wars do we have to have before this competition is ended?

The more we drift from the Will of God, the further we drift into the wilderness. Surely, we were not put here to kill. If an extraterrestrial craft with any form of advanced intelligence were to approach our planet right now, would it surprise any of us if they just kept going? Have our egos gotten so out of whack that we think we ARE God? How many go to sleep each night thinking no one could be smarter, while others wonder if there will be a world waiting when they wake up?

I think many of us understand that we are heading for some form of major confrontation that will affect the entire planet. It’s in the air…it whistles through the streets, it ripples with the flag. As we walk the streets and catch a glimpse of the eyes, written on many faces, without a word being said, is the sense that something is coming. The question is, can mankind find a solution to head off the abyss?

Stay close to your families, stay close to your friends….let them know you love them. All of this may end up being “moot”…nothing to worry about….then the worst you’ll have done is spread a little more Love….but if it does come to pass, you’ve surrounded yourself with the most important line of defense.

Take the time to love,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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