Joie de Vivre

The pit and the perils of everyday life can surround us and reinforce their negativity on us at will. One flick of the television dial and a person instantaneously can be inundated with everything that is wrong about the world. Still, there are far more people, places, and things out there that are wonderful, beautiful, helpful and healing. Joie de Vivre, or in English, Joy of Life, is something we have to protect, nurture and grow in our lives. Life is way too short to allow negative forces to take control and dominate the time that we have left.

What more does Hate fear, then Love? or Despair fear more than Hope? or, does a frown run from a smile? Which action or choice we choose rests with us. We can never get enough of the Joy of Life…we must make it surround us, embrace us, and enhance us. The danger is when we blind ourselves of all the good, and swim in a sea of sludge. We take so much for granted on this earth….that we always expect things to just be. The sun, with all it’s beauty, doesn’t have to rise in the morning….but it does. How many times do we take each minute, hour, day, and year, for granted, as if we have a never-ending, unlimited supply? Well, we don’t….each day is a golden nugget from Heaven, for us to cherish and leave our mark.

Joie de Vivre…taste it, drink it, feel it….it’s nourishment is timeless.


love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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