The Line In The Sand

Here we go again folks….the Middle East is erupting into a major confrontation. How long and how far will this go? God only knows. Through the course of our lifetimes we have seen this scenario taking place again and again, each one worse than the last. After awhile one has to wonder…how much more blood does it take for the Middle East to find Peace?

This time around the stakes could not be greater….for the first time the word “nuclear,” has entered the equation. How long will it be until multiple Middle Eastern nations have nuclear arsenals? Rest assured, we are heading down that road. What’s starting to look more difficult to understand is, can nations fight their way to safety? What do you do when nations don’t want to negotiate, don’t want to disarm, and can’t find Peace? Let’s hope it’s not inevitable that we arrive at the Line in the Sand.

I still have hope that the current conflicts in the world will resolve themselves…but what I find troubling is that each time around the wheel the challenges rise further. I pray that cool heads prevail….but with each passing day I am hearing lines on the news that sound eerily like those that got us into two World Wars. Not bad for a planet that has more PhD’s then ever….what are we really learning?

So many people praying daily to one God….yet the only solution that man ultimately comes to is War. Does it really matter what Age we are in if that is the only conclusion we can come to, to solve disagreements? I call on man to implement the true hope of God…that only through Peace can we find lasting progress. It doesn’t take a microscope to see what’s wrong on Planet Earth….let’s hope it won’t take one to find the broken pieces.

Love thy Neighbor,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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