The Wandering Minstrel

Across the oceans, over the mountains, and through the desert the Minstrel roams, for the human ear to hear his song. Be it cold or hot, winter or summer, the Minstrel seeks out those who can hear the language of sound. The Minstrel’s song travels through time and space, reaching for tomorrow, while leaving its mark on yesterday. The crowds may cheer, or sometimes scorn, still the Minstrel presses on to the next town to seek those who need to hear his sweet song. While the journey may be lonely, the Heavens are always watching to see that the song continues until the job is done. Through the wind, through the rust, the Minstrel’s song continues, never knowing where it may lead.

We all are Minstrels with a job to do. When the crowds cheer loudest, the feeling can be empty, yet, when just one voice answers, the heart can overflow. In life, things are never quite as they seem…each day one feels like a walking contradiction…still, the Minstrel in us all forges on with the hope and belief that we all can make this world a better place. Whatever the instrument, the words, or the tune, all our hearts have a song to sing, for the orchestra of life. Either rich or poor, strong or weak, the ears of humanity listen each day for the song of Hope. Silence may be golden, but sound is eternal. Each one of us have a song to sing…whether we know it or not, and every night the Heavens listen, hoping that the chorus grows louder each day, fearing that we all become a distant echo.

So on we go, step by step, mile by mile…until the journey’s over, and the symphony of our lives is complete.

Lift up your voice,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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