Purpose of Life

These days we are hard pressed at times to see the Purpose of Life. If we turn on the television news we see man-made and natural disasters, and the History Channel is ever ready to tell us of impending doom. The older generation moans that it’s “not the way it used to be,” and the Science Channel tells us that we are gobbling up nature and possibly creating a future furnace that we’ll have to try to survive in……so, is it worth it?

The Purpose of Life is to change it….we all come here fresh from Heaven, with traces of the knowledge and splendor, and the Love that creates us all….we are pushed or pulled into an earthly world of distress, disharmony, and decay. It is our job to change it….for the better. To make it become closer to where we originally come from….

So how do we do this? The complicated answer would be to say that each of us must do tremendous and huge things to accomplish this important change, but the truth is, it is the small and often unseen things that will change it the most. If each of us were able to see the Light of Compassion that beats in the chest of each of us, and the Glimmering Threads of Human Connection that makes us all One Family, we would never question or doubt our reason for being here. But by the very nature of birth, those memories of who we Truly Are become fragmented, all except for a trace…..the part of us that can still hear music, paint a canvas, cradle a baby, stroke a puppy.

So every time you smile at a sad soul walking towards you….every time you listen to a friend who needs a sounding board….when you feed a hungry person, take the time to play with a child, or cards with an older senior, these are the gestures that are our Purpose, and will help to Save the World. The ripple effect of a thousand kind gestures….spread across the spectrum of humanity.

Never doubt your Purpose….or ask if your life is “worth it.” It doesn’t take much to change the world….just the desire to do it.


love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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