Trails Through the Wilderness

Life is one huge forest…while all around it are multiple trails from which we have to choose. Some are short, some are long…each represent a journey of length and time. We all choose one, whether we know it or not. So let’s expand on this concept of trails through the wilderness a little further….

When we examine these trails some are quite astonishing…they can incorporate dead ends, circles and paths that seem to go on forever. I have a cousin who passed away at 26 years of age…I kid you not, he packed more into those 26 years of living then some I meet who are close to 80. Though his trail may have seemed short to some, once inside the forest magical things can happen when you can stumble upon a super trail where Time and Space can be compressed and condensed. Jimi Hendrix, the legendary guitarist, passed away at 27 years of age, yet each year we are still amazed at the depth and expansion of the music that is still being released from the library of material he accumulated and recorded over his short time on earth. The other side of the equation is a friend I have who is 75 years old and spent the better part of her life doing as little as possible. Yes she had dreams, and ambitions, but was so paralyzed by the thought of taking a chance that she chose to not even bother. Unfortunately, Life can end quite quickly, but for those where it does, for the rest of us, wasting Time can become a sin.

Once we enter the Forest of Life, indeed anything can happen! We learn with each step, embrace the challenges, and seek food, comfort and shelter. Yet we are forewarned…it is quite easy to get lost in the forest. Weather conditions can change at any given moment. There are no guarantees, but to increase our odds the better prepared we are, and experiences along the way can greatly increase the odds for us to prevail through. The destination? What else? The other side of the forest.

Some consider Life the ultimate game, where the stakes are high, and mistakes are costly. For me, as I walk along my trail through the wilderness I may make mistakes, but I try to learn not to repeat them. Life can be kind, and Life can be cruel….yet no matter where we are in the forest, if we just look up, there is the sky, reminding us that there is another world beyond the trees.

Happy Trails,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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