Paris Hilton

If you have been looking at the television for the last day or so you are fully aware that the book of Paris Hilton has entered a new chapter. Some love her, some loathe her, yet one thing is for sure, Paris Hilton stands as an example of our current obsession with the rich and the famous.

Paris is one of a revolving group of starlets who roam the clubs of Hollywood and beyond, night after night. Each evening they battle through hoards of photographers who can’t get enough of their aura, smiles and outbursts. Yes indeed she is rich….famous? for what, I’m not quite sure. Is it a reality show, an X-rated movie on the web, an acting or singing career, or could it be just for being Paris? Reminds me of a conversation that I had with a high school student a few years back where she said to me, “Jennifer, I want to be famous.” And I replied, “For what?” and she said, “I don’t care for what, I just want to be famous.” I remember feeling kind of horrified. Has Fame in our society become the ultimate occupation?

The scandal papers just can’t get enough of these roaming starlets who parade through the night showing us an existence of what it’s like to be in the “in crowd.” They often partake in whatever their little hearts desire….booze, drugs, and/or sex of all kinds. Society can’t read enough about their latest escapades…in some morbid way, for many they’re living their lives for them. Each club and event clamors for their attendance, fully knowing that to have a “happening” you must have one of these starlets in attendance. The hunger grows each day until we arrive at the fever pitch. The point where the star has risen as high as the crowd wants them to be. Now we begin the stage of a free for all….how fast can we bring them down? Paris Hilton unfortunately has reached this point. She’s about to learn who her friends really are…she may be surprised how silent the phone will become. The news reports say she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown…in her wildest dreams she most likely never thought the road to Fame would lead to the jail cell. Mommy and Daddy’s money, her friend’s influences, or people in high places, could not stop the current events. Whatever evolves over the next few weeks, one thing is for sure, the life of Paris Hilton has changed.

I hope Paris turns her life around….in reality, she is lucky she didn’t end up dead and/or taken others with her. She may have been just one accident away from “killed on impact.” It looks like no one was stepping forward and saying, “You have a problem…you need help.” What she probably heard instead was something like, “How dare they treat you like this…who do they think they are?!” Paris is one of the lucky ones…she can come through this fairly intact and develop a sense of maturity, if she wants. So many others who wanted to be the next Paris Hilton never had the chance to live long enough to know that that road is a dead end street.

My wish for Paris is that she takes a good look at herself, reassesses her life, and realizes that Life can be wonderful, and the answers may not be found at the latest club or in a bottle.

Bon Chance,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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