Anger and Peace

All through the week many of us out there sway between states of anger, and peace. When the day goes well, a sense of well-being and serenity comes over us. Everything seems balanced, centered and complete. We wonder why each day doesn’t go so easily. The next morning, totally the opposite can occur…each step we make we stumble. Barreling through the day rage and confusion can engulf us and leave us with little room to breathe. Exhausted, we kiss the day goodbye, and hope for a better tomorrow. Peacefulness, tranquility, bliss…anger, confusion, rage, and fear…just a few of the doorways of humanity.

It’s quite astonishing how from day to day we can have two completely different faces to wear. In most cases when we look in the mirror, we don’t see the dark side…only the light. Yet sometimes, just below the surface, the anger waits for just a chance to rear its head. So often we’re quite confused when we see different sides of friends and family….yet we so easily forget that we too surprise them. As we head for the holidays, some rejoice, while others feel tense and struggle with those that they have to see once a year. Are we angry people? or are we peaceful people? The truth is probably somewhere in-between. After all, we’re only human, right?

Through the anger and the peace, we grow. We evolve into what we want to become. We do right and we do wrong….we look for praise, and we ask for forgiveness. Anger and Peace…two sides of the same coin. Heads or Tails…where does the coin land for us? We’re not alone…as humans we struggle with all different kinds of feelings. Whether it’s turning the dial on the television, listening to the radio, or firing up the computer…at the end of the day we get to see what we want and who we are. Sure, some can influence our moods, the state of mind and how we view life through the prism…but overall we determine the quality of our day. The Heavens laugh as man plans…yet the Heavens are there when we ask for help.

The angry pacifist and the peaceful antagonist sometimes can easily share the same air….our two sides do battle each day.

Flip a coin,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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