Peace, if Possible

In the perfect world, there would be harmony and ultimate peace. It is a premise that mankind must strive for in the long term….if not, we truly will become extinct. We are put here to solve our disagreements, develop solutions to our problems, and compromise our positions. It is in the best interest for all of humanity to share all of the land, water, and resources, because in the end, the planet belongs to God. Seeing that we are all God’s children, what better way to give thanks then to live together in peace?

That being said, I am not foolish….I also believe that there are those out there who will do everything in their power to not allow community and peace to take hold. History is littered with individuals who see nothing short of themselves as God-like….dictators, ego-maniacs who have sneered, spit, and laughed at the idea of compromise. Negotiate? By all means, in good faith….but when one sits across from the table from another whose only objective is destruction and control, we are left with only one action…to walk away and prepare for battle. It baffles my mind every time why the dictators of the past see no other solution than total domination of the planet. To a monster, life is totally meaningless….the only objective is surrender and obey. Freedom? To a monstrosity, freedom does not exist.  For me, I am a believer in peace, if possible, but not at any price.

Freedom too has its army….many who have sacrificed their limbs and their lives so that others can dream and breathe the free air. So many nameless souls who are buried in the ground, each one with their own story to tell. I salute you, Souls of Freedom….your memory and sacrifice will never be in vain. As long as one can dream, there will always be a need for that dream to be defended. I wish intellect and common sense could prevail in solving the world’s conflicts….yet as long as there are those who feed on conquest, freedom and democracy will have to be protected.

I will never give up hope, and I do believe that one day, all God’s children will be able to live together….and on that day we will all look back and ask why it took us so long.

Let freedom ring,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2008 Jennifer Avalon