Can’t Do It All

Many people are quite good at more than one thing, yet they consistently force the issue trying to accomplish multiple tasks, when their specialty and their passion may be one. Well folks, like it or not, we can’t do it all. We may want to believe that there are more than 24 hours in a day, but unfortunately, there are not.

Pessimistic, you say? No….realistic! I myself have been told that I am a pretty good oil painter….but I know if I spent a decent amount of time at it, my music would suffer. I had to make a choice….what will come first? This is before one starts factoring in family, friends, and Life. At some stage we all have to sit down and ask ourselves not only what we want to do with our lives, but what we can reasonably accomplish.

So here’s a suggestion…when you get a chance, jot down on a few index cards, or a sheet of paper, what talents and skills you know you have.  Then ask yourself, what one thing do I want to do over all the rest? Then let that one thing become your focus. It’s sad….I wish we all could be more than one person….split ourselves into multiple people and send those persons off during the day to accomplish many missions…unfortunately, it cannot be! Focusing allows us to get better at the given talent or skill we choose.

The landscape is littered with businesses and corporations that started off focusing on their niche in the marketplace. Over time, in order to expand their businesses they drifted so far from their center that their identities became blurred to the public. The latest victim of this scenario is a very famous boutique coffee chain. They tried to expand beyond their store atmosphere and coffee base to include music and multiple items and their core business began to suffer. They also tried to expand too fast, and are now setting about to correct their mistakes, which they probably will. Yet, the lesson to learn is that you can’t be everything to everyone….you can’t do it all.

Growing pains happen to everybody…still, we must try not to take our eye off the ball on what it is that we do well, and love the most.

Choose wisely,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2008 Jennifer Avalon