Imagine a place where the Light is incredibly bright but soft at the same time…where the Air you breathe in is made completely out of Love, where the Universe is laid out before you like an endless sphere of stars….where your body is there but made completely painless….where God is the Guiding Voice that gently puts the smelling salts under your nose….the place where you are finally Awake.  That is Death….and that is Love.

The very thing most of us fear above all is the very thing that gives us Ultimate Peace of Mind….it is Home Base, where we return to review our Life’s Lessons….did we overcome our personal obstacles, and did we leave the world below us a bit better than before we went there? And, as we sit under the Tree of Life near the flowing waters, can we look at ourselves and say we tried our best?  This is Death….and this is Judgement.

Death is the land where we can see the Heart Light in everyone….the potential of each Soul, including our own. It is the place where all fear, anger, jealousy, and hurt is evaporated….where we get back much of what many of us lost on earth, because of those feelings. Real Love is Peace. This is Death….and this is the Gift.

So why must we go through Life? Because it is the only way back to Death…the journey on the path chosen that shapes what our Souls become. The body will dissolve, but the Soul will always live on….it is this we are Loved for, Judged for, and given the Gift of Death for. Never be afraid of Death….if there is anything to fear, it is a life lived not understanding the consequences of our actions, because we will face them eventually…better to face them here, then to have to try later, from such a distance…..

Carpe Diem,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2008 Jennifer Avalon