The Look

This time of the year in the northeast as Summer heads toward Fall, many of us know that Winter is not so far away. You can feel it as you walk the street, as you drive in your car, and shop in stores. Each year as Fall rolls around The Look never changes….neighbors begin talking more, phone calls increase, and outside of the local churches on Sundays the conversation eventually turns to the weather.

The Look, yes indeed….That Look….I’m sure people who face tornadoes and hurricanes are fully aware of The Look. The Look represents the acceptance that we share much more in common than we care to realize sometimes. Whenever there’s a blackout, or a storm surge, we all become One. We all face the elements together. The Look becomes entrenched on our faces. Human beings swaying between indestructible, and fragile.

So what does The Look say? “I need you, and you need me.” You can only go so far in this life alone. After God, who else do we have but each other? Perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be….the realization that no man or woman is an island. Illness, tragedy, trauma….you name it, out of the blue it can become written on our faces. As a community, storms and seasons are something that we all can experience as a collective body.

So whenever storms approach, or seasons change, take a look…you just might see and be surprised how many have The Look….especially when you gaze into the mirror in the morning.

Join hands,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2008 Jennifer Avalon