The Grey Zone

Every time I think it’s different, I’m always reminded by something happening currently that the world is not black, nor white, but grey. There are those on one side, those on the other, and those in the middle…over and over again, it falls to the middle ground to determine the outcome.

Case in point…the upcoming American elections….on one side Senator Obama…on the other, Senator McCain. The polls show that most people have lined up in support on either side…all that is left are the Independents…those people that each election cycle can go one way or the other. In this case, the Independents are the Grey Zone…they, the experts say, will surely determine the outcome of the elections. The Independents, or Grey People, are never locked into a party or ideology…they walk the middle ground. They view the landscape, see what they think is needed, go into the voting booth and pull the lever. Obama and McCain are fully aware that unless they reach and convince the Independents, they have no chance of winning, no matter how many supporters they have accumulated. This year, with the polls showing that the candidates are in a dead heat, the Independents have never been more powerful.

Wars, conflicts, economics, competitions….the Grey Zone People always hold, in their hands, the ultimate outcome. Grey Zone People are always fluid….never locked in their opinions, constantly looking at both sides of an issue to render a decision. Many feel they are the ones that keep everything in balance.

What the other two sides find quite frustrating is that they can’t always rely on Grey Zone support…each time they have to go out and earn it, which sets both sides crazy. Just because they are on one side of an issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always be on that side on every issue. They can vote Democrat one year, Republican the next…be a Yankee fan, and then all of a sudden, be a Met fan. The Greys, or Independents, cannot be easily defined….and they like it that way.

Black, White, or Grey….we all have to ask ourselves one time or another, which one are we? One thing’s for sure….you kind of have to admire the Greys a little….they are what they are. They may agree with you on one issue, and argue with you for hours on another. Whatever subject or topic you bring up, you never quite know for sure which side the Greys will be on.

This election cycle, like many before, Senator Obama and Senator McCain have fully entered the Grey Zone.


Jennifer Avalon

© 2008 Jennifer Avalon