The Age of Rediscoveries

If ever America, Europe, Asia or the World were to rediscover what they are, and why they exist, no better year to start than 2009. This is the year many of us will go back to the drawing board, find out what’s working, and what needs improvement.

Within the past year, along with the financial crisis, many have lost jobs and some their life savings. We have been shown just how badly mankind can screw things up. We have two choices…give up, or rebuild. For lack of a better title, this is the Age of Rediscoveries. We have to go back to square one, examine who we are, what we want to do, and where we want to go. 2009 is the year we rediscover our purpose.

Decades from now people will look back at this time to see how we handled this juncture in the road of humanity. Did we buckle? Did we make it worse? Or, did we get it right? For now, the problems seem many, but I believe we will come back stronger and better than ever, as a society. We are more than money, we are more than materialism, we are Children of God. We always get into trouble when we forget that.

The past few decades the family structure has been disintegrating. Parents and their children couldn’t get far enough away from each other. Family began to feel like a forgotten concept. All of that came to a grinding halt in 2008. We started to realize we needed each other more than we thought. Like the generations before us, Family is re-emerging as the center of our daily lives. I know, some have troubles with loved ones…but if a family is strong, they usually can be worked out. A strong family starts to work like a governing body that can right wrongs, and heal wounds. Where did we ever think that we have to reinvent this wheel?

The Age of Rediscoveries is upon us. It falls to each individual to lift up and rise. The soul is not materialistic…all it needs is belief, love, and faith, and it will rise. Past generations with far more complex problems than us have come back strong, so why can’t we? We can regain our purpose, examine where our society went astray, and implement conditions and guidelines to decrease the risk of this ever happening again.

2009! the journey begins,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon