God Watches

I am always amazed at the secrecy with which mankind thinks he is operating under, in relation to the eyes of God. Some of mankind who profess to be religious seem to think that they have the ability to shield God from their behaviour….that God can actually be played games with. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

How much better would this world be if those who profess spirituality really believed that there is a God always observing? Would they try a little bit harder to be kind…would they take the hand out of the pocket and lend it to someone in need? Would they re-think the idea that saying one thing but doing another is called Hypocrisy? True Believers do just that….they resist their human impulses and take the Higher Ground…even if it means less for them materially, or it isn’t what they particulary feel like doing at a particular moment…because they know God is watching, and they will be held accountable someday.

We all make mistakes….that’s part of being human. But an honest mistake is one thing….to claim a mistake when it was done consciously and with intent, is another….that is a game, and God can see through it. The ultimate master of the game is God….we will never win against God. The purpose of Life isn’t to win the game….it is to understand why we are here (to love), to correct past mistakes (acknowledgement), and to ask for forgiveness (atonement) We are human….we are not perfect.

I remember as a small child playing outside in the sunlight I always felt the presence of God…I “just knew” that He was around. I think many children “just know.” Perhaps that’s why Jesus said it’s important to come to Him as a child…meaning with the pure heart of a child. Meaning, you really believe, and know that you can’t win the game. Children know that they need their parents…they can’t survive without them. We can’t survive without God…..


Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon