Love Is All

 Jobs, foreclosures, divorce, debt, loss and health issues….as terrible and devastating as these things can be, we can come back and rebuild as long as we have Love. Love is the glue that holds the promise of tomorrow and is the ingredient of every positive thing in existence.

Is Life fair? Not always….but we must not forget the journey that we are on is a learning process. These times are the perfect example to show us how basically and fundamentally we need Love in our lives. If one does not feel they need Love, then unfortunately they probably have forgotten how to love. The Ego consistently wants us to believe that we are the Center of the Universe. Sorry Ego…Love is the core that holds the Universe together. It is at those times when we are down on our knees, shattered, that the hand of Love reaches out to pull us up.

All through my life I have watched people over and over again reach a boiling point of frustration and anger until at a pivotal moment they throw their hands up in the air and scream out and say, “I give up!” Out of the clear blue sky time and time again a beam of light from someone appears and says, “Let me help you.” On the evening news whatever natural or man-made disaster occurs, within minutes of the event people rise to help. They don’t ask, “What will I get?” They just say, “How can I give?” That’s Love.

Love heals….Love rebuilds…Love challenges….Love grows. We come to earth, and one day we will leave….but Love goes on and on….the way it should be.

Love always,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon