Hate Solves Nothing

In the course of any given day, we experience many different emotions. For most of us, we are affected emotionally by television news, co-workers, the radio, strangers on the street, music on the wind….different aspects in the 24 hour day cycle.  The different feelings we experience take a toll one way or another….joy makes us feel glad to be alive, sadness makes life feel bittersweet, loving feelings connect us to a Higher Power, and Hate…well, Hate shrinks our ability to expand ourselves, and although it temporarily can make us feel better, in the end, Hate solves nothing. It neither expands us, or evolves us….it makes us smaller, and less able to cope.

Anger is different from Hate….Anger is a naturally occuring emotion that can come and go according to circumstances. Some people are less affected by Anger….they make a conscious decision to allow compassion to override Anger. Hate, on the other hand, springs forth from not allowing understanding and compassion to enter the field of emotion….because when those two emotions do, Hate is overcome.  Hate also comes from a lack of understanding….in a way, it is an overdeveloped response to Anger.

When one Hates, their vision becomes clouded….they succumb to the emotion, and are not able to see the truth of the circumstance. Hate usually develops after a long time of not allowing Anger to vent itself naturally, and safely, so that compassion and understanding can enter the heart….it is an emotion born of repressed Anger. But Hate solves nothing, because the actions taken out of Hate create more Hatred, and just as Loving acts create more kindness, the ripple effect can be powerful, and often devastating. It is important to vent Anger naturally and safely, because if we don’t, Hate can arise in its place.

We have emotions to guide us, and protect us….otherwise, we would all be walking zombies. The difference between us and the future robots are our emotions. Our emotions are what keep us civilized, in most cases. Our emotions also keep us connected to the world at large. Always keep in mind that Love is more powerful than Hate, because Love expands the consciousness of a human being, and Hate contracts it. Only when we understand this can we strive to keep our lives in balance….to let Love be our guide, as opposed to Hate.

Take the time to Love,
Jennifer Avalon 

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon