Let’s Get Real

I am born and raised in America. My mother’s family (from the northeast) sailed over on the Mayflower, to Massachusetts. My father’s family (from the south) were one of the first to free their plantation slaves, in Virginia. My roots to this country go way, way back. I consider myself a Patriot, and, yes, a Nationalist…meaning, I believe in the ideals of this nation, which includes the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Included in that is, of course, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms.

I read the daily newspapers diligently….the left ones, and the right ones…I like to form my own opinions. I like to feel the pulse of the country. Of course, some of the papers don’t care about the feelings of the majority…..only of posturing to their smaller minority. Other papers aren’t in touch with the two more “sophisticated” coasts. It makes for very interesting reading, overall. Whenever the polls say a “majority of Americans” feel a certain way, I always laugh because the truth is, only 50% of Americans vote, overall, which means of that 50%, roughly 25% vote liberal, and  roughly 25% vote conservative. So that leaves an entire 50% unaccounted for, altogether!! And I suspect that overall, that 50% leans more to the conservative side…which would mean then that about 75% of America is conservative, or, independent thinkers. You would never know this by the so called “polls.”

Outside of America, all around the world nations feel nationalistic, and have agencies and armies formed to protect their beloved countries. So do we, but, some in this country seem to think that  we will just be “magically” protected, even if they bash the very agencies and  armies that are in place to protect us. People who put their lives on the line every day don’t want to hear that  their country isn’t backing them 100%. Granted, there can be abuses in all places of work, but there are ways to address those things, and, in the present case being thrown around Congress, these things have already been addressed, years ago. What is frightening to me is that while liberals and conservatives are arguing, the rest of the world is watching, and probably thinking that we are losing our minds.

This country, since 9/11, has been under tremendous stress. I certainly don’t agree with everything President George Bush did, but  one thing’s for sure, he did keep us safe for all the years after 9/11. I pray to God that our President Obama will be able to say the same thing after his years in the White House…that he was able to keep us safe. At the rate we’re going, I doubt if there will be many individuals who will feel it’s worth it to risk their lives to protect this magnificent country…and that would be a real tragedy. Wake up Congress…..it’s all of our lives on the line. Please put our country and   our safety first…that, for goodness sake, is what we voted you in to do.

Let’s get real,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon