Swept Clean

We come into this world with a clean slate….or, in other words, the “slate has been swept clean.” Going forward there are “deja-vu” moments when we feel we’ve “been here before,” or a particular place or person feels “familiar.” I suppose those could be called “trace memories”, if one believes in reincarnation. To others, they are just “coincidence.” Regardless, we are all inter-connected, in one way or another.

History tends to repeat itself….different eras, different people, same scenarios. For many, the blood of  their ancestors still flows through their veins, and that is why a child born a couple of generations after “Uncle Joe,” can turn out being the “spittin’ image” of Uncle Joe! Did the child ever meet Uncle Joe? Of course not…but it doesn’t seem to matter. “Uncle Joe” has come back!

With all these comings and goings of Life and Death and perhaps Rebirth, we are supposed to gain knowledge and improve humankind. In some ways this is happening, and in other ways it is not. Whenever man decides to “play God,” there are disastrous consequences. And whenever man forgets his/her history, there are, sadly, repetitions of the past. Each time history repeats itself there is better technology, and more room for human error.

In the end it is not about “how many toys we have,” “where we live,” “who we know,” “what family I come from,” or “this is how much money I made.” It is about how we treated people, from the simplest exchange at the grocery counter, to the life and death decisions…to even the thoughts we think. It is about how much Love we gave, and how much Love we let in. Both matter. The slate is swept clean, for the love story to continue….

Let it in,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon