We always think we know the folks who are dear and close to us, but sometimes, upon their deaths, and sometimes long before, we find out things about them that stun us….even to the point of finding out that they are betrayers. Such is the case with a very close friend of mine, who had a relative pass away a couple of days ago. He says now, that looking back, there were many hints and indications that this relative was not “up to snuff” in his dealings with him, but because of the blood line, he didn’t want to actually believe it. Still, fortunately, my friend was very careful in whatever he said to his relative.

 Betrayal is about loss….the loss of a previous image of a friend or relative, the loss of something you felt you once had. It takes a long time to recover from a betrayal….one has to really look at the entire picture of the relationship, and let go. Anger is involved, as is disgust. And when the anger and disgust fade away, there is sadness and disappointment.

 What makes someone betray someone else? Envy, jealousy, and in some cases, money. Whatever the reason, betrayal is an act of revenge. It can also be classified as an act of evil, in some cases. That’s if one believes there is good and evil, of which I personally believe both exist. For those who don’t believe evil exists, I suppose acts of betrayal aren’t as horrible to them, just as robbery, and pedophilia and murder, are just simple acts of selfishness, in their books. Not to be classified in any way as evil, since evil to them just doesn’t exist. If evil doesn’t exist, then betrayal can’t exist…it’s just another act among many that can somehow be justified.

 None of us are perfect….we probably wouldn’t be on this planet if we were! We all make mistakes, we are all here to overcome. But I feel for my friend, who was betrayed. I told him to try to forgive because I know that in order for the person who has died, the only way he can be forgiven, is for my friend to forgive him first. That’s the way it works, whether we like it or not.

 In the end, we all face Judgement. We all have to look at ourselves, and every good thing we ever did, and every bad thing. We get away with nothing. Some may think we do, but they are in for a gigantic surprise. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This phrase really does mean something.

 If people only knew this, there would be no more Betrayers.


Light into the darkness,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon