The Power

These days many of us have a lot on our minds, and much to take care of. Children, aging parents, work, our households, etc. etc….responsibilities that come with the turf of being a human being. We watch the news at night, and see a myriad of things we would probably like to see improve. We feel powerless, except on voting days, when we hope our vote counts. Many politicians from both sides seem to end up in the same place….bought and sold by Special Interests. So what is left for us, to impose our power?

 The average American has no idea how powerful they truly are. They have generally been mass educated, commercially convinced to spend their savings, and told that adhering to a spirituality or religion is akin to being one step above being brain-damaged….at least that’s what most of the elite media says. The actual truth is that every single American holds tremendous power in their hands….and it comes with the Power of Shunning. I have mentioned this before, but feel it is necessary to remind folks again of the most powerful tool in their hands….and it’s never violence. Violence is only temporary, and backfires. Shunning is lasting, and does the job.

 Shunning is turning your pocketbook away from companies, causes, or people that you don’t like, or share their motives. Shunning can be as simple as not watching certain television shows that you feel are dishonest, or worse. Without your pocketbook, and without your televison views, you would be stunned by what can happen. But until people really realize their own power is that simple, it could take a long time to make things better.

 I’m sure some of us occasionally wish we could just buy a small plot of land in the mountains some where, build a comfy little shack, plant vegetables and fruit trees, go fishing, and try to “get off the grid.” But let’s get real…somewhere along the way, especially now, with all the many forms of media, we will run into the reality of the fact that there is a whole country out there, and we’re a part of it. Our Founding Fathers knew the power Americans could have….that’s why they put themselves on the line to insure that power could never be taken away. But it’s up to us to keep that freedom alive….to keep our Power.

 Use it,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon