The Devil

What is the Devil? Who is the Devil? Is there really such a thing as The Devil? If you believe that people can be taken over by Evil Forces, then there is a Devil. If you believe that someone can fall from Grace, then there is a Devil.

 I have had this discussion with friends before, some of whom don’t believe there is a Devil. The saddest thing of all to me is that the Devil believes in them…in goodness, and in naivety. The Devil is the first to spot Innocence….Frailty, and Weakness of Spirit. If the Devil couldn’t spot these things, then the Devil would have nothing to try and destroy. The whole game of the Devil is to destroy Good, and to push folks on the fence to tumble into his/her arena. For instance, pedophelia is of the Devil….it robs children of their innocence. Really, in all honesty, anything that isn’t for the good of someone, is of the Devil.

 This discussion makes some people very angry. They want to think that nothing can ever hurt them, they are totally in control, and pretending that the Devil doesn’t exist will somehow protect them. The opposite is true, sadly. Everyone can be hurt, we are not totally in control, and pretending the Devil doesn’t exist just makes him/her stronger. Remember, the Devil knows YOU exist.

 So, just what is the Devil? As the Bible says, it is the Fallen Angel. The one who chose to not be a part of God’s Paradise. It is a choice. We all have that choice. We all choose every waking moment of our lives. Someone rarely chooses to be Evil overnight….it’s usually a slow erosion of the Spirit, brought on by a starvation and pain of the Soul, over time. The strangest thing of all about the Devil, to me, is that I believe the Devil wants to “get caught,”…wants to be stopped. The Devil almost always leaves a trail of tears…a trail of pain…a trail of anger. The Truly Strong don’t have a need to hurt folks….only the Weak feel the need to do that. That’s the dichotomy of the Devil….he/she is actually weak. It’s only a strong facade.

 I believe Hitler had the Devil in him…I believe Charles Manson has the Devil in him…I believe pedophiles have the Devil in them. And others too, who hurt innocent people, while building up their Egos. The Ego plays a huge part in the Devil’s existence. Without it, there can be no Devil. Ego is weakness.

 So as you go about your life, please remember that the way to spot the Devil is by his/her actions and deeds, and by his/her eyes…for the eyes will always betray the Soul. And the Soul of the Devil is madness. And if you ever feel yourself in the path of the Devil, remember that LOVE is the one thing he/she cannot see…it is their blind spot. Because when the Devil chose to fall from Grace, the Devil turned away from Love….the Devil can’t remember what Love is….it is a foreign language he/she can’t comprehend. Love is the cape that will protect you. An invisible cape that the daggers of the Devil can never penetrate, as you stand strong.

 Always remember to wear your cape,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon