Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

 2010, a brand new year awaits us. Will it be a repeat of last year? Personally, I hope not. I too am one of the many who was very glad to say “goodbye” to 2009!

 How about you? How are things in your neck of the woods? It’s crazy out there, many are out of jobs, some losing their homes, and we’re left to wonder, is anyone steering the ship? Republicans, Democrats, who cares? Just correct the problems, be honest, and please, no more b.s. I am a firm believer that the government can’t solve all your problems, but they’re not supposed to stand in your way either. If the government really believes that it can run everything in our lives better than us, then by all means line us up one by one, take away our credit cards, clean out our bank accounts, and take over our homes. Otherwise, let us sink or swim by ourselves. Surely, even a five year old child could do a better job than what has been spent by the government on our behalf in the past year. Hey, one guy on the internet suggested that the government give us each a tax free year. What’s crazy? It would have only cost a pittance of what was unleashed, to balloon the deficit. Personally, I don’t think giving each American a million dollars would have been such a bad idea. That would have only cost around 300 million dollars….a tiny drop in the bucket compared to other measures.

 Life, Libery and the Pursuit of Happiness…sign me up! I’m all for it. But lately, across the land, something has gone wrong with this picture. Tea Party protestors, called “Astroturf,”by some…please, I call it an expression of frustration. Americans looking at the Constitution and wondering what the heck is going on? Is it any wonder why Glenn Beck’s ratings are going through the roof. He’s totally tapping in to people whose anger and frustration has left them feeling disillusioned and powerless. Personally I cannot believe some of the jargon that I hear from members of Congress, staring at the camera and expecting me to believe that pigs can fly.

 All that said, I am more hopeful for America than ever, because I know there are people out there who are not drinking the Kool Aid, and walking around brain dead. What a game…they’ve pitted Democrats and Republicans against each other for so long, that is it any surprise almost nothing gets done in Washington? We’ve come to finally realize we have much more in common than we ever thought. How many out there are starting to feel that they’re swinging from the trapeze with no safety net to catch them if they fall? Well that’s where the rest of us come in to grab sheets, netting, whatever materials that are handy, to grab on and create our own safety net, for ourselves, and one another. Americans have risen to the occasion many times before. The people of Haiti just have to look around to see the heart of America.

 We all know full well how to get back up, shake off the dust, and move forward. Banks, Government, corruption, whoever and whatever…we all know something is wrong, and it can be corrected. But please, please, no more five and dime speeches, and juvenile solutions.

 The Truth Shall Set You Free,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2010 Jennifer Avalon