The Other Side

At age seventeen I crossed over to the “Other Side.” I don’t know exactly how it happened, or why, but it did. One minute I was walking near the edge of a stream, and the next moment I was rapidly going upwards, in a pink cloud, opening up to the Universe, full of stars, but mostly full of Love. I felt a sense of peace beyond description, and knew that this was an emotion that was familiar, like I had felt it before, but not in a long long time. I couldn’t see God, but I could feel Him. His love was all surrounding, all encompassing. And one of His angels stood beside me and told me that we all have a heartlight, pointing to the globe below full of us earthlings. I could see the heartlight glowing in everyone’s chests, like in the pictures of Jesus where you can see the red heart, and the light coming out of it. This experience had a profound effect on my life, and influenced what I am today.

 When I “came back” I was in the stream, clinging to a rock. Did I fall in? I have no recollection. I had to wade waist high back through the flowing current to reach the ground. I was completely wet. I never told anyone until about 16 years later, for fear they would think I was crazy.

 One thing is for sure, to me the “Other Side” is more real than here. The feelings, the emotions, the colors, the knowledge, it’s as if one has been out in the cold, and suddenly walks into a warm cottage with a fire burning in the fireplace, and you’re told that you have finally come home….take your shoes off, sit by the fire, warm yourself…you’re home. No worries, no fear…just love and comfort…the way we all wish Home to be. Heaven is just that….the way we imagine. In fact, it’s far greater, because our human imaginations can’t scratch the surface of what Heaven truly is.

 Though I remember the experience as clear as a ringing bell, I know that everyone is put here on Earth for a reason, and that we don’t get to go back there until it is “our time.” And each of us has a time, decided, I believe, by God and His Angels. We are supposed to complete our tasks here, and then we can move on….

 I am not afraid of Death. Life is what can be scary, because there are people in it who are at different stages of their Soul’s development, and one must always protect themselves against those who choose to “walk on the darkside.” We all choose, every moment of our lives, which path we’re walking on. Once we “cross over” the game is up. We are completely transparent in thought and deed….God sees All. God sees All, all the time anyway, but once we are in His territory, we can see ourselves completely too. Game up!:)

 Our real Home is only a breath away, but we spend our lives acting as if it’s a million miles away. Everyone goes Home someday…make sure you’re in the transparent garments you want God (and yourself) to see….

 Dress wisely,


Jennifer Avalon

© 2010 Jennifer Avalon