There is an old saying that goes something like this “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.” I beg to differ a bit. I think we do choose our friends of course, but we may also choose our families. I know that may sound strange, but as I believe God has a plan for all of us, I think that perhaps part of that plan is to bring us together with folks to overcome what has gone on before, and to heal the wounds of the past.

In the animal kingdom, it is fascinating to watch what happens to “blood relations.” A mother of newborn pups will turn her back on a puppy that she doesn’t raise. She will only take care of the pups that she has a hand in rearing. The first time I witnessed this I was a little shocked. What happened to “blood runs thicker than water?” Even in human relations, sometimes friends are closer than family members. Those who have close relations within their families are lucky people indeed, because there is no guarantee that just because you are from a particular family, you will automatically be close. When it does happen however, the saying “blood runs thicker than water,” truly applies. The loyalty that can take place between family, when the relations are good, is pretty astounding.

 They say that some in the animal kingdom will give up their lives to save their human masters. Do you have anyone in your circle whom you could count on to do that for you, if it were needed? For some, it is a family member…for others, it may be a friend. It doesn’t really matter….loyalty can come in all different forms. “Family,” when all is said and done, can be anyone we truly trust.

On a wider level, we are all part of the Human Family…but we often forget this. We become so involved in our own circles and our own problems that what happens to folks worlds away is mostly off our radar. Truth is, what happens to people on another continent does affect all of us…we are all inter-connected. I think that’s why people are so fascinated with the idea of life on other planets. For some reason, even though many of us don’t know, or care to get aquainted with, the folks living next door, or down the street, we are truly curious about the creatures that could be living many moons away from us! Strange, isn’t it?

Family…..the cousin in Kentucky, the Great-Uncle that started the grocery store in the 1800’s, the Grandma who taught you to tie your shoes….the friend who makes you chicken soup when you have the flu, the sister who always makes you laugh when you’re down, the co-worker who shares lunch with you once a week, and listens to your personal problems. People you count on…people you trust….people you love. Family.

Enjoy your circle,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2010 Jennifer Avalon