Stress….the number one killer, as they say. Now why is that? Perhaps because stress is what usually is the tipping point in our health. Where we can have problems, and still be content, when stress is added our sense of well-being plummets, and we have less “ammunition” to fight our problems. It is extremely important to find ways to combat stress.

 I know for myself that even though I do a bit of yoga in the morning, and evening, and try to meditate once a day, if I don’t add a walk to my routine, the stress can still build up. Being an artist, I am very sensitive to my surroundings. That is both a blessing, and sometimes, a curse! Why do people with Alzheimers generally not get stressed out? Because they have become de-sensitized, overall. In the late stages of the disease they can become quite agitated, but in the beginning and middle stages they mosey along without much stress because their memories can’t hold onto problems long enough to get upset about them. Well, none of us want to get Alzheimers to be relieved of stress, so we must find other ways to feel at peace!

 In early childhood, Time goes very slowly. We take in the Present, and can focus on the Moment. As we get older, we have to re-learn what comes naturally to us in childhood, because of more input, and overload. The old saying “It’s time to cool out,” is really valuable, because unless we cool out, we will overheat, and then our circuitry has to find ways to slow down again . In my life finding a quiet place (not easy these days!) without the T.V. on, where I can just sit and gather my thoughts for a few minutes, really helps. I visualize a beautiful garden, with a stream and a large tree….and I go there, in my mind, to rest and think. The reason I try to add a short walk, when I can, is because stress builds up in the body, whether we’re aware of it or not, and walking (or swimming) gets rid of the toxins in our muscles. All common sense…..but difficult to remember that we owe ourselves, if possible, an hour a day at least to take care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will be of no good to the ones we love, and who love us. Most of us are needed by others in our lives, and we owe it to them to take care of ourselves.

 Stress….Life without it is almost impossible, but too much of it can kill us. So when it starts to build up, remember how you felt as a little kid, when your cares were few, and you knew that your journey here is for a reason, and growing up to get to do all those things your parents wouldn’t let you do, you now can do, if you want. Get off your chair and stretch….a few seconds every hour, if you can. Remind yourself that relieving your stress will be good for all…….and focus on yourself for a change.


Jennifer Avalon

© 2010 Jennifer Avalon