Vacation….the very sound of it makes me smile. To vacate something…to step from one area to another. The beach, the mountains….or somewhere in-between. A ride across many states…an RV self-contained. A home away from home. A train-ride through the alps….lunch at a european cafe lining a cobblestone street, people-watching while sipping something exotic. To try something new. A vacation.

The funny thing about a vacation is that you can have one without ever leaving the spot you’re sitting in. Granted the air won’t feel different…the sounds won’t be either, nor the smells. But how we perceive life is all in our minds anyway, so if we have active imaginations we can leave where we are and go somewhere else just by sitting still. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in a place you want to be….either somewhere you’ve been before, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to. If you’ve been there before, remember the details of what you enjoyed about it. If it’s somewhere new, imagine what it must feel like. I sometimes sit very still and remember my time in Heaven. It is a place I go to when I need to calm down and remember what truly matters. I go to The Garden. The colors are brighter, the light is different. And I am reminded that this earthly world is temporary, and we will all go Home someday. A mini-vacation, this life is. And yet we need a vacation from our mini-vacation sometimes!

I live near the ocean, so today I drove down to the beach and took a walk by the sea. I let my feet slosh through the waves, and watched all the many different folks sitting in the sun, and children playing with their buckets and shovels. In the parking lot were seagulls, and license plates from all over the country. I love seeing people swimming amongst the waves….people laughing and smiling. Many are most likely on a vacation…the time to let worries flow by the wayside, and enjoy the moment.

We only have so much time allotted to us during the year for that kind of time….so it’s important to be able to “go there” just by sitting alone in a room with walls. A vacation can be taken anytime we can find the moments…anytime our hearts and minds desire.

Please, go on vacation more often….


Jennifer Avalon