There is some doubt as to whether there is “more intelligent life out there,” among scholars and laymen. I personally am in the middle on the subject. I hope there IS, because at the rate we are going on this planet, we may need a spaceship to climb onto and soar away into the atmosphere! I am more inclined to think that because God made us, He also created the Aliens, or Beings, perhaps to help “keep an eye on us” at times, when we are doing truly potentially harmful stuff…like inventing atom bombs, and such. They say that spacecraft appear over areas where potentially dubious experiments are occuring, and also where mankind is in major conflicts, or about to be. Why? Are they watching over us, observing our latest moves? Or are they simply a figment of multi- millions of folk’s imaginations?

Some feel that even the subject of Aliens is anti-Christian. I do find it interesting that recently the Pope declared Aliens our “Celestial Brothers and Sisters,” or something to that effect. What does he know? I take that to mean that “They” are here to possibly help, not harm. Also, that because they inhabit the same universe as us, they must be part of God’s Creation.

God created the Universe, and everything in it, according to us as Christians. If that’s the case, then we must take all of that, the “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” as part of God’s Plan. I think what is difficult for some of us to handle is, how could a species be more “intelligent” than us, by being able to manufacture spaceships and the like with materials we haven’t even invented yet, according to some of the articles I have come across. How is that possible, we say? How could anyone be brighter than us?

If you were able to have a “Bird’s Eye View” of this planet, what do you suppose you would really think? If you could see all the conflicts at once, and yes, all the good deeds too, how would they balance out? If you cared, wouldn’t you keep an eye? If you didn’t, wouldn’t you never even bother to look down?

Just thoughts on a controversial subject…something to get your mind off the evening news!!

May the Force Be With You:)


Jennifer Avalon

© 2011 Jennifer Avalon