Throughout history many have spoken about being “Saved.” To every individual this means something different, although generally it is considered a religious or theological term. For me, being “Saved” means recognizing there is a Higher Power, that I as a human am not God, and that, for me, in my particular experience, Jesus is the one who offered Salvation.

Other religions or philosophies come at it from a different angle….but generally I think being “Saved” involves some sort of transaction of asking for Forgiveness from a Higher Power. The “asking” part is vital, because it means that one recognizes there is a need to be forgiven.

Some folks feel that so much religious dogma has been shoved down their throats, that they almost strangle on the thought of being “Saved,” or asking for “Forgiveness.” The very mention of these things makes them uncomfortable and, sometimes, angry. I wasn’t raised with ANY religion, so when the moment of being “Saved,” happened for me I was truly surprised. I was alone, and not expecting anything…..I simply asked Jesus for Forgiveness (I wasn’t even exactly sure why I was saying the words!) and I told Him I would never leave Him again. Blammo! What happened next was unbelievable. I saw Him, and He put His forehead against my shoulder, and I felt a tremendous sense of relief (from Him) and, believe it or not, what went through my head was two things. One was that His robe was made of a kind of beige muslin (I had heard that Jesus wore bright shining white robes…this wasn’t what I saw…I saw a much humbler attire!) and I also sensed that He was a little “weary.” I remember thinking that Jesus must be a VERY busy man! I got the impression He works almost all the time…not many vacations!:)

Later that evening I told a friend of mine what had happened, and the tears started flowing uncontrollably as I talked about it. I don’t know why…I guess it touched me very deeply. I got baptized sometime later after that, and the same thing happened when the water poured on my head….the tears. To this day I don’t understand the tears, but I know they come from a very deep place.

I understand if people think it isn’t necessary to be “Saved,” especially if they have had religious dogma stuffed into them. All I can say is I think it helps to clear the Soul for the way forward, and it humbles us into remembering that although all of us are connected, and we are all part of the Light, there is still a Supreme Being that oversees it all.

In Peace,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2013 Jennifer Avalon