What is Your Mission?

The Near Death Experience (NDE), in most cases, is a life-altering experience. Many who have had NDEs have been given knowledge and information that I believe must be shared with humanity. As a group, those who have had an NDE experience face tremendous frustration and sometimes ridicule for the extent of their visions, thoughts and feelings. If all we do is talk among ourselves about our experiences then how can we take the knowledge to the next level? I find it hard to believe that the knowledge that has been given is not supposed to be passed on to those who are in desperate need to understand this world and the here-after. Far too many people already doubt what is seen, and heard through the Near-Death experience. If all we do is keep it to ourselves, then we feed this neurosis. I do believe there is a purpose to EVERY NDE experience. It is so important for NDE’ers to find what it is they are supposed to do! Every single one of us in this world has a mission. I think each one ofus has to ask ourselves, “What is mine?” There are some wonderful people out there doing some incredible work to help mankind, in their own unique way. The level of spiritual emptiness in the world is reaching critical proportions. If all we do is take care of our bodies, then what will happen to the soul? The human soul, too, needs nourishment , love, and peace. Many people are searching, wondering why do I feel pain, why do I hurt? Why don’t I have all the answers? Well I guess nobody has all the answers, but perhaps it is the soul’s way of crying out. That’s why I feel NDE’ers can be so important to helping other people understand that there is a purpose, and there is love, and peace CAN be obtained. So today, if you haven’t already asked yourself, what is it that I have been brought back to do? What is it that I can contribute in my own unique way? And why was I given the knowledge? It’s time you asked yourself. If you already know the answer, then you have taken the next step. You have begun THE MISSION.

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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