Prayer… Food for the Soul

In our existence these days, more and more we seem to be preoccupied with what is good for our bodies. Not that I see anything wrong with taking care of ourselves through exercise and eating the right food, etc. but all that seems to matter is how we “look”, to the point that teenagers between the ages of eleven and seventeen are having facial surgery because they cannot accept the way they normally look. I’m all for trying to be the best you can be, losing weight, feeling attractive, changing clothes, getting a new hairstyle, but at some point is that what it’s all about? Far too many of us spend the majority of our time focusing on the 50% of what we are, but I have discovered that if the other 50% of our being is ignored, neglected, or abandoned, we cannot find true peace and happiness. Yes, the body is important, but just as vital, is the SOUL. The soul, like the body, must be nourished, or it too will starve. It seems that in our existence we live on two levels, our daily functions, and our spiritual well-being. If only one is nurtured and nourished we as human beings, at the end of the day, feel depleted. Many proclaim that one main ingredient for nourishing the other half of our existence is prayer. Prayer helps us find peace. Prayer also connects us with the ultimate Being , that most of us call God. Prayer helps us find the center of who we are, and an understanding of the importance of why we are here. There is man, and God, and prayer is the tool that is used as the bridge. I hope today you, like me, have found how meaningful prayer can be, in the quest to understand the importance of the soul, and the nourishment that is needed to find the balance in life.

Take time to love,
Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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