The World Needs You

All we seem to hear about these days is “Who is number One?” Who is Number One today? Not yesterday, not last year, but NOW. If you are number One yesterday, but today you are not, then you are considered a failure…you couldn’t stay at Number One. The view that seems to be permeating through our society is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re the best you can be, if that doesn’t result in you being Number One over everybody Forever, because if you reach Number One, and you do not stay there, you eventually either end up as a has-been, or a failure. BUT, there is always the Comeback!! It’s interesting that it also seems to carry over into the occupation that you choose in life. Successes are movie stars, sports heroes, rock stars, and certain key politicians, etc. But do they really impact on our lives in the way certain people we have contact with every day do? As we look back do we ever forget that certain teacher or guidance counselor that gave us the courage to go forward? How about the mailman who we see everyday, and always has a kind word or a smile to offer. After awhile it leaves a person feeling that unless they become the super-star anything else they do is meaningless and not contributing to the happiness of others. Yes, heroes are important, but they come in all shapes and sizes. They are not always on television every night. They sometimes walk about our world dropping words and thoughts here and there, but like seeds they grow,sometimes very fast. Whatever it is you choose to be in life, don’t ever think that what you do is not important, and needed to a community, a town, a city, a country and a family. What each one of us are is a foundation that the rest of the country and the world is built on. If that foundation has cracks or corrosion, then how long can the house or building stand? The next time you walk past a glorious building, wonder that if it is to stay that way the foundation must remain strong. It is the same for us in life. Teachers, firemen, policemen, plumbers, electricians, builders, etc are our foundation. If they are ever led to believe that they are not heroes, and that their roles are not important, God help us all. So whatever it is you do in life, people may not always thank you, but in your heart know that what you do is needed. You do matter, you are special.

Many thanks,
Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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