The Power of Love

Love is an emotion that, at some point in our lives, we are destined to meet. Every one of us has been blessed and hurt by love; tremendous highs, incredible lows…..but there it is, standing sometimes right in front of us, no way around, but straight through. If a child is denied love, then what can we hope for its future? The rest of its life it will be longing to make up for the loss, and the caring, that is needed to produce a functioning human being who believes that the sky is the limit. One of the hardest roles at this stage of life is parenting. I admire every man and woman who at this stage of life can understand the importance of every word and every action that is spoken and observed by a fragile, younger life. The right road is so important for their emotional well-being. If love is something that we don’t need, then what weapon do we have to fight hate? The heart is a very strange thing…it remembers pain and trys to overcome it, but so much of what we put in our minds is carried with us to our dying days. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, we can find the peace that is needed. Mankind has gone to war over love; killed over love, but is that love? Or jealousy, rage and envy? The way I look at love is that it is a flower that constantly needs water,nurturing, and sunlight. If the flower is neglected it dies. Abuse to me is not love. It is someones way of dealing with their own anger, or lack of love in their own lives. The best kind of love is love that is entered into with an open mind, not for the purpose of possessing, but a way to give and help enhance the other person, along the journey to knowledge, identity, and purpose. I guess all of us strive for that knowledge, that identity, and that purpose. I hope you find yours. Until next time,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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