You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

Sometimes as we go through the week, by about Wednesday we seem to run out of gas, wondering what it is we must do and where we must go. We look for the strength, the power that we need to help us understand the problems and the set-backs that seem to enter our lives week by week. The search begins to find the answers to understand the whys and the wherewithalls in this existence that we call life.
We search for somebody who can feel the pain and the hurt that we carry with us each day. In this world that is sometimes made up of darkness, with a glimmer of light, many times I have felt lost, in need of a friend, someone who could understand how I feel. The emptiness somehow subsides when I look to the Heavens, and I feel the warmth and the presence of somebody who understands, and feels my pain. Even though I feel I am responsible for the choices that I make here in this life, I do believe that I have a partner who walks with me, and holds my hand. That partner to me is God. If I am to believe that this existence is all that there is, then I feel cheated. But I believe there is something much greater than this planet, an existence where many people walk as one. So even in my darkest hour I find the hope and the vision to keep on going, because one day I believe I too will walk as one through God.

The dreams, the set-backs, the failures, are so confusing sometimes. We wonder what it is we are to do as people to make and to leave this place a better existence for all. Perhaps that is what it’s all about…. put in our two cents, so that the others that come after us find it a little easier. The pleasure and the gifts that can be given everyday by each one of us is astronomical. A kind word or friendly smile can go so far, and the ramifications are tremendous. We are all one family, trying to find our way home. The lost sheep, looking for that light that shines, to help us understand why it is we are here.

Whenever you feel lonely and adrift there are people out there who can help. Perhaps friends, family or a kind stranger. But there is help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Whenever you look around and see nobody, don’t be afraid to look up, written across the sky may be the answer that you’re looking for. Heaven has strange ways of letting us know that they watch.

I sometimes joke to myself that if this is all that there is perhaps I should ask for my money back! But I believe there is more…there is some profound reason that each one of us is here, and there’s some special gift each one of us has to deliver.

So if you feel you’ve reached a dead-end, nowhere to turn, maybe the help you need is nearby.. Don’t be afraid to ask.

A friend,
Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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