Finding the Balance

I feel I have a lot in common with the high-wire walker in the circus and the surfer who rides the waves at the beach. Balance is vital to their success. We all in one form or another strive for that balance.
Time after time you hear successful athletes talk about being “in the pocket”, “in the groove” and “finding their space”…..I think what they’re really saying is that their spirit and body become one, centered. To be truly happy I think each one of us must strive to find our balance. We get glimpses of it…a sense of peace and calm when worry and fear subside. We feel fresh, focused and secure.

To find the balance, I believe you have to supply the spirit and the body with equal amounts of energy, care and love. You can’t neglect one or the other…both parts of us are vital. The spirit strives to find the connection to Heaven. If we don’t supply it our spirit wanders…sometimes in the wrong direction. It’s as if the part of us that is one with God longs to reconnect with where it feels it belongs….while the body that is earthly-based strives for nourishment and understanding so that we don’t forget it too has a purpose…. it’s role as the vehicle for the spirit or soul. If the vehicle, or body, is sometimes damaged, the spirit or soul can rise to compensate for the body. The souls uses the body for its earthly existence, but one day the body is abandoned as the soul returns home. If the soul is damaged the body can only sustain it for so long. The damaged soul will just continue on in directions that will bring about harm to the body.

We all live in a world that is not perfect. Each day we strive for a meaning to all of this. It is not a crime to be imperfect….but the effort to improve is taken into account by God. God knows the situation here…and totally understands what it is we go through everyday. In my belief Jesus is the way for me to let my spirit connect to Heaven. The link between Heaven and earth is vital for our balance and survival here on earth. To ignore or forget the spiritual level of our existence is a major mistake….and perhaps the reason why this world is so out of balance.

Seek the balance,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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