In all walks of life somewhere at some time somebody contributes…somebody cares enough to make a difference. Through ridicule, envy and jealousy some special souls out there are making this planet, and in some cases, our lives, a better place to live. So many little actions contribute a tremendous amount of love for people to understand that there are individuals who can see through the obstacles and setbacks that surround us everyday.

I walk through the park every week-end….a place to me of an abundance of life. There are people sitting on benches, talking about their families, children playing little league and soccer…all interacting and sharing their energy and ideas. I visit a coffee shop in the morning where people sit around, talk and laugh, and look for inspiration to battle through the day. A man can enter, feeling lonely, depressed and lost. But he leaves after a hearty conversation with a smile and feeling upbeat. The interaction between people is a very powerful tool. Just a little word to a person at the right time can make a world of difference. We all need encouragement…somebody who understands and are in some way in the same boat with us. We don’t want to feel alone. We forget sometimes that our words have incredible meaning to people that we meet, and vice-versa. Words can heal, and words can hurt.

It’s a great feeling when you interact with a friend, or perhaps a stranger that you may never see again….and if you can be a shoulder and see them leaving with a smile, you have contributed to their lives. Heroes are not only people who do heroic things on a grand scale, but they are also people who can help people with just one word. “The little guy or girl” matters. Each one of us everyday can be a hero to somebody. It doesn’t take a lot of work, just a smile, a gesture, holding the door for somebody…but it sends someone off that day with a positive feeling.

Goodness can multiply….I think in some strange way we’ve been led to believe that unless we stand out in society we don’t count. Well, they’re wrong. Heroes live on every street, in every town, in every neck of the woods. Some are out and about giving of themselves everyday, and some are sleeping. Some heroes sleep, waiting to be called upon to make a difference for the better. So if you’re a hero, my thanks to you. And if you’re a sleeping hero, it’s your time to awaken. People need you. God cannot have enough soldiers.

A former sleeping soldier,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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