Nobody’s Perfect

We all go about our lives everyday interacting, doing jobs, trying, hopefully, in our own way, to succeed at some level of accomplishment…. but sometimes our choices are not the right ones. We can lead ourselves down the wrong road, cross the wrong street, and before we know it we’re halfway on a journey that at some point we see is the wrong one. Mistakes are miscalculations that we should not fear making. None of us have all of the answers all of the time. But we continue to put tremendous pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Failure, for some, is just not acceptable, but how else do we learn?

Perfection is a trap. It sets you up for the situation that anything short of it is unacceptable. Perfection is also a weapon that can be used by you and against you. For a brief moment, it is obtainable, until the next mistake. A baseball team strives to win the most games in a season. If it wins miraculously all its games that season the team is then set up to duplicate the feat next year. Anything short of winning every game again becomes unacceptable. They are looked upon as losers, even if the number is 99%. So too are we in life.

It’s important to do your work to the best of your ability…to strive to get better…a job well done. But reward yourself along the way….look back and say “How about that! I did it!” To me, life is a journey along a road that sometimes bends and weaves…once in awhile it’s important to stop and look back and see how far we’ve come before proceeding to the next destination. Where the road ends, only God knows, but to get there we need sometimes to reflect and recharge before continuing on. Each one of us writes the book of our lives….it may not be a best-seller but it’s important that it makes a difference. Many of us make a difference, but we don’t allow ourselves to see it.

We’re all too busy chasing what we haven’t done, instead of rejoicing in what we have accomplished. Yes strive to be better, by all means, but don’t lose track of how good you’ve become through your mistakes and insight.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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