The Classroom

I try to look at life as one big classroom, a place where we learn about others, ourselves and hopefully the work that really matters. I believe there is a reason why each one of us is here. We are born and we die but what’s really important is what we learn in-between.

Every morning class begins.

We are tested, we interact with our fellow classmates, we share information, we struggle to progress. Some are gifted in one way, some are gifted in another, but as we look around, we start to see the uniqueness and the differences in the contributions we make to this place called Earth. It isn’t perfect, this place called Earth, and yes there are bad students, people who refuse to learn, people in pain, and people who are lost, but they too matter. In this classroom none of us have all the answers, but what’s important is that we try to find them. Effort, in the end, I believe, is rewarded. Yes it is easy to sit back and watch others do the work, but is that what we’re really here for?

So, what is the work of the classroom? To contribute? Help? Or sit back and do nothing? Doing nothing is very easy. The work is giving, loving, sacrificing, understanding, caring and keeping faith, so that we can bring a little bit of Heaven to our classroom called Earth

As we attend class everyday, watching us is God. Our struggles, our successes, our fears and triumphs are noticed. I know many have given up on God, but the Shepherd does feel for His flock. As we move on in life, we take with us all the things that we learn in the classroom. We may never learn everything, but the work we leave behind is so important…it says we were here.

At the end of our lives, we receive our report-card. Some do well, some don’t. But on that card, it’s important that we get an “A” for effort. We may not have done all that we came here to do, but we tried……and God knows if we’ve tried.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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