Inner Strength

Inner strength is something we all need to keep us going everyday. Many times we look and see that the well is close to being empty. We search to find ways to replenish that well so that we can find the drive and the passion to continue on in our desire to evolve into better people and succeed at our goals.

Time and time again I too see my well go low….the demands of life these days are sometimes overwhelming. I just keep asking myself, how can I get it all done? I don’t know if I ever can get it all done, but I try. This is why I believe it is so important to surround myself with people who encourage and support, and if that is not possible, there is always The One Who Listens….God, and also, in my case, Jesus Christ. When I find that nobody understands me, I know I can turn to somebody who truly sees me for who I am, and is there to help me along the way to accomplish what it is I feel I need to do in life.

From the letters I receive many people out there feel lost and abandoned. They look around for help and it seems nobody cares and nobody is listening. There are people who care….but I do believe it is important for a person to develop a relationship with God. Like all relationships, for it to blossom and continue to grow it must be dealt with on a regular basis. Many say they believe in God, but how many have a personal relationship with Him? God is there….all you have to do is ask. But really, the asking is the hard part because that involves believing that someone IS there….in other words, Faith.

My Faith is what gets me through in many cases. It is my core…it is the strength that I draw from to carry me along the way, when all sometimes seems hopeless. To me, nobody knows me better then God and Jesus.

I encourage everybody to develop their personal relationship with God….just as if you were developing a relationship with a friend or family member. In my life it has helped me understand myself better and to see the bigger picture.

Take the time,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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