Free Will

We all want to have the freedom of choice to choose how, when, and where we live. With that, comes the realization that our choices of freedom have ramifications, both positive and negative. When choices are made correctly a person is showered with praise and sometimes anointed with some sign of brilliance. But when mistakes are made, the blame is planted on the first foreseeable person or object. Example: “It’s your fault this happened”.

I find it interesting how easily God enters into this scenario. As we are given the freedom from birth to make choices, is it fair for us to blame God when we make the wrong choices? Yes we can pray to God for guidance, but once we pray is it fair to hold Jesus or God fully responsible for the outcome? If we cherish the pursuit of freedom and find anything less than it some form of slavery, is it fair to want freedom until we run into trouble and then let God take the blame for our mistakes?

I believe that free will and choice are very important components in our existence here on Earth. I think there is a very good reason why God has given us the ability to make choices. Maybe what happens to us along the way is seen as an evolution of the soul, and with each choice from free will we show God and other people who we are, and where we are going. Sometimes it’s very easy to hurt people, and sometimes it’s very hard to love them….but it’s important for us to find ways around the roadblocks of our emotions.

God is often looked upon as some form of dominating, controlling force, but He has given us the choice on how we live our lives…..what better way to say “I LOVE YOU.”

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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